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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is my official ranting and raving column, so do not hold anything I say here too seriously!

Has anyone seen England keeper David James’ latest hair cut? Man, oh man! And would you believe he paid £250 for it?!

I am sick and tired of the David Beckham and Ronaldo in the MLS rumors! Here is how it is: I don’t care about the MLS and I care even less about Beckham or Ronaldo. I’ll start watching MLS games when every single club has its own soccer only field so I won’t have to get dizzy watching the ball roll over 5000 lines after each kick!

As for Beckham, OK the guy used to be one of the best dead ball specialists in the world, but what has he done lately? The notion that Beckham’s move to the US is somehow going to make MLS soccer more popular in this country is ridicules! Any self respecting soccer fan knows that the man is over the hill and is probably better off hanging out with Tom Cruise and his new bride down in the Tinsel Town! And Ronaldo? He looks fat!

How many of you believe that the 2010 World Cup will really be played in South Africa? OK, how many of you are planning to make it there? I thought so! Those of you who plan to be there don’t go out after dark! South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

Now off to the facinating world of IPL:

After days of suspense, intrigue, puzzlement, and simple mismanagement Mehrdad Oladi, Mehrdad Pouladi, and Hassan Roudbarian finally joined the team in Doha, Qatar. I hope this means that Oladi’s selective service problems are resolved and he can now accompany the team abroad.

Hold on now! Apparently the team’s goalkeepers coach Ahmad-Reza Abedzadeh is still in Iran! Yes, you guessed it. He for some reason could not leave the country!

One wonders how much advanced notice do the team managers need to get everyone’s paperwork in order!

Former Iranian Physical Education Organization chief Mostafa Hashemitaba finally got it right! In an interview the former chief acknowledged that FIFA’s problem with IRIFF bylaws is not political. It is rather based on a very simple principle, no political meddling by governments in football federations. Apparently, in the current bylaws, Iran’s football chief can be selected and/or fired by the head of the Physical Education Organization, and that is a no, no!

Mr. Hashemitaba told reporters that all Iran needs to do is make it look right on the outside and do what they want behind the scenes! And that is a quote, almost!

Did you read Vahid Hashemian’s interview with IPNA? The reporter commented on Ali Karimi’s lack of playing time at Bayern and that it may be due to his inability to communicate with his teammates in German. Hashemian responded by suggesting that there may be more to that than speaking German as Werder Bremen’s Brazilian midfielder Diego who is still not fluent in German seems to be doing fine on and off the field!

What is Vahid trying to say?

Talking about Karimi, apparently he is not in a good frame of mind. He does not enjoy his life in Munich and misses his wife and two kids who never moved to Germany and still reside in Tehran. According to his business manager Abolfazl Jalali he would leave Germany today if he could.

I see a Persian Gulf club in his future.

Herta Berlin is planning to extend German-Iranian midfielder Ashkan Dejagah’s contract thank you very much!

Apparently Perspolis coach Mustafa Denizli was just about to leave Iran for “medical reasons” when his translator caught up with him at the airport and handed him a portion of his salary that was overdue. Denizli suddenly felt much better and cancelled his trip!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tonight I was watching the tape of Barcelona vs. Mallorca from last weekend’s La Liga and I was in awe of some of the teamwork, individual skills, camaraderie, and hard work that was being displayed on the field. My mind wondered back to Team Melli’s disappointing outing in last summer’s World Cup, and I thought what a pity that our boys failed at every single one of these categories!

Forget the World Cup; I should start preparing myself for the next big letdown which is just around the corner. I am talking about the Asian Cup folks!

Can somebody tell me what is happening to Mehrdad Oladi? Why can’t he have his selective service issues resolved just like tens of other promising young players who have done it in the past?

Did you realize that last year’s AFC Champions League just finished a couple of weeks ago?! We are in November, UEFA Champions League is approaching its knockout stage, and AFC has not started this year’s tournament yet! And you complain about the IRIFF mess? :)

Talking about the AFC, what do you think of their list of Asian player of the Year candidates?

1. Badr Al Mutawa (Kuwait and Al Qadsiya)
2. Essa Al Mahiyani (Saudi Arabia and Al Wehda – Saudi)
3. Fahed Attal (Palestine)
4. Hawar Mulla Mohamed (Iraq and Apollon, Cyprus)
5. Ibraguim Rabimov (Tajikistan and Regar – Tadaz)
6. Ismael Matar (UAE and Al Wahda – UAE)
7. Khalfan Ibrahim (Qatar and Al Sadd)
8. Lionel Lewis (Singapore and Home United)
9. Mohamed Al Shlhoub (Saudi Arabia and Al Hilal)
10. Younis Mahmood (Iraq and Al Gharafa)

Off to Europe! Things look a bit tight for Barcelona, don’t they? They msut win their next two games if they are to qualify. Tomorrow’s game against Levski Sofia should be easier than their last game against Werder Bremen. They may not make it to the next round in which case we will have to look for a new champion. My second favorites were Lyon, but despite Match Day 5’s good result against Real, I think all the injuries will take their toll on them. They will not make it to the finals. My third favorites, Bremen are just too thin to go too far. That leads me to think that this may be another good year for the English teams.

That’s it for now. Happy Thanks Giving everyone.

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  1. Maria

    Looks like a wannabe Superman.

  2. LOL! Maria, are you referring to David James?

  3. Maria

    Yeah! Retro is soooo yesterday!

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