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Leave poor Ronaldo alone!

Afshin Afshar, lastkick.com

A newspaper front page showing Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo (main) and transvestites Andrea (top) and Carla. Photo: Agencies

Guys, I could not resist tackling this one for more than one day! Someone had to take a stand and defend this fallen football hero!

Apparently Ronaldo (The Brazilian one) is in hot waters with his very attractive Brazilian model girlfriend, Ana Beatriz Barros. He was accused of soliciting the services of three working ladies in Rio. Mind you that prostitution is legal in Brazil or at least where this incident happened, so no legal complexities there. However, the three ladies turned out to be anything but! Yep! These ladies apparently don’t throw out their razors after shaving their legs! They simply face a mirror and continue shaving all that grows in between their ears and under their eyes!

Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros

To make matters even more complicated for the Brazilian marksman, one of them has accused him of not paying up for her or their “services”.

Ronaldo for his part claims that he did indeed pay the agreed upon amount and more! And he did so after he realized that there was more to the three ladies than had been originally advertised!

Now we are not judgmental people here on lastkick.com! The man could have made a mistake! You know, it was early in the morning, it was dark, and the alcohol level in his bloodstream may have been a bit too high. He sees a young lady on foot waiting for ride. The good hearted sportsman that he is, he picks her up, drives her to a motel (maybe he thought that is where she was staying!), waits for her to call over two more of her friends (Maybe he did not want to leave the poor girl all by herself!).

So far so good!

Andre Albertino is accused of trying to blackmail Ronaldo

Andre Albertino is accused of trying to blackmail Ronaldo

But then at some point after the other two join them, he tells them about his knee injury and they offer him some drugs, perhaps painkillers to help with his discomfort.

Anyway, without going into any further details, Ronaldo at some point in the morning realizes that this may not have been such a good idea and decides to leave. Offers the ladies some spending money, which two accept, but the third refuses and demands more, and that’s when the trouble begins.

Carla reportedly accepted £300 from Ronaldo

Carla reportedly accepted £300 from Ronaldo

See how easy it is to have a misunderstanding?! So please cut the poor chap some slack!

Have some compassion and think of the predicament the poor dribbler is in now! He’s got to explain to his girlfriend what he was doing extending his kindness to strangers. To the rest of the curious world he has to explain how the simple case of the mistaken identity came to a close in the motel room. To the police he has to explain the use of the non-prescribed drugs. And to AC Milan he has to explain how this simple case nightclubbing and motel room gathering at early hours of the morning might fit into his rehab program.

So next time you are asked by a loved one, a person of authority, or just your adoring fans to explain something, instead of getting all bent all out of shape and throwing a hiss fit just think of Ronaldo! Let the bucktoothed football Phnom serve you as an inspirational role model just as he has done for millions of young football fans around the world over the last decade or so. Think of Ronaldo, suck it up, and “Just Do It!”

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19 Responses

  1. Angelina

    Ana Beatriz Barros is his Girlfriand and he is cheating?


  2. The trouble with the very attractive girls is that they tend to be cold and arrogant and not very goood in bed. (Don’t ask me how I know this, but I do!).

    This is why poor Ronaldo has been driven to play around with those relatively unattractive girls. We should have complete sympathy for him!

  3. Yeah, but, but ….. the “girls” are not exactly girls!

  4. Aren’t they girls? I couldn’t see that in the report although the “girls” do look fairly rough!

  5. Ah! Ehsan jAn, you should have clicked on the link that I put in at the begining of the report. Here you go:

    Three Ronaldo girls all had men’s tackle

  6. Aghooli

    Baba, these girls are guys. Afshin is to polite or coy to say it outloud. Ronaldo was banging 3 transvestites and got caught. As far as Ana is concerned, if she is cold, she is because her boyfriend looks like the gap tooth Ronaldo, or is he Ronalda really?

  7. OH OK, I get… as you have spotted by now, I am pretty slow-witted so this was further confirmation :’-(

  8. No, no! Ehsan jAn, it was my fault. I thought my hints in the piece would give it away, but apparently the real identity of three “ladies” was more elusive than I had anticipated :)

  9. ana

    If prostitution is legal in Brazil, than Ana Beatriz Barros was Ronaldo’s legal whore, like pay-as you go services. As Ehsan says, he was forced to play around with others. At the end, maybe all was “set up” to him?!

  10. Afshin Jaan,

    Looking at it another way, maybe it was simply Ronaldo’s powers of obseravtion that failed him (a bit like me)?!

    Still, thanks for the picture of Ana Beatriz Barros. I had never heard of her before….now I can’t get her out of my mind ;-)

    Best wishes,

    Ehsan :-)

  11. By the way, here’s an Ehsan who is rather better looking than I am:-


    Not your most typical Egyptian woman, I’d say!


  12. Wow! Ana, aren’t you being a bit too harsh on Ana B. B.? :)

    Ehsan jAn: I have not seen a photo of you yet, but I can tell with certainty that if we took a popularity vote here on lastkick.com, the Egyptian Ehsan would win by a landslide! ;)

    By the way, did you click on the link to her official website?

  13. Dear All,

    As this thread is completely diverted from its official purpose, I take the further liberty of posting the links to several Iranian-Canadian girls who were participants in the Miss Universe contest. Admittedly, I like that Egyptian Ehsan and that Brazilian g/f of Ronaldo’s better!


    Miss Universe Canada 2008:
    First Runner up:
    Miss Congeniality:

    Have a good wekend.


  14. Afshin said: “By the way, did you click on the link to her official website?

    Has she got one?

    Ehsan (the ugly one!)

  15. Ehsan jAn, The second paragraph above, where it says ” Ana Beatriz Barros” in blue; click on it :)

    By the way, thanks for all the links. BTW I’ll be moving to Canada tomorrow! ;)

  16. OIC… I thought you were talking about an Ehsan Hatem page! Indeed Ana is a gorgeous sight and I have bookmarked her site for “future reference”!!

    About Canada…I found (on my sole visit to E Canada many years ago)that the Quebec girls were the most amazingly beautiful group of women I have seen. The French (in France) are not much to look at so I am sure how the French Canadians got to be so gorgeous…pity they don’t speak Farsi!

    Best wishes


  17. Here’s an idea to improve the hits on this site:

    The right hand panel mainly consists of a blank grey space. This could be filled with picture of girls with football connections.

    As a starting point you could use this:


    It is a search on the words wags and football (Wags = Wives and Girlfriends of footbaalers – modern British slang!)

    All the best,

    Ehsan (marketing guru!)

  18. kia

    Afshin jon, Ehsan has topped my old “picture of day” suggestions!!!!!! LOL

    I don’t really know why you guys did not get the message the first time. Why else would this be scandalous?!! The poor guys has gone out for some legal fun to get even with his “arogent” girl friend!!! LOL

    Ehsan jon, I hope you don’t know too many girls that “continue shaving all that grows in between their ears and under their eyes”! ;)

    As far as all the links… thank you.

  19. kia jAn, I think you are the only one here who does not stop reading after the title!

    I thought I had a funny write up about Ronaldo’s misfortune, if I may say so myself :)

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