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Mexico v Iran minute-by-minute

Published on June 2, 2007 by in Uncategorized


Mexico's Jared Borgetti scores a goal as Iran's goalkeeper Mehdi Rahmati tries to stop him during their friendly in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Hi fans, only a few minutes from now the friendly between Iran and Mexico will kick off. This will be the most interesting friendly Team Melli has played since the World Cup.

Share your comments with the rest of us here during and after the game.

Doo doo roo doo doo! IRAN!

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54 Responses

  1. 8:00 free kick for Iran after a foul on Enayati.

  2. 9:00 Corner for Iran, Cleared by Mexico.

  3. 10:00 Another freekick for Iran. Harmlessly goes out.

  4. 12:00 A good shot by Zandi misses by a meter to the right.

  5. 13:30 Looks like both teams are settling down and getting a few passes together.

  6. 15:00 Mobali’s shot from 35 meters goes high by a mile!

  7. 16:40 after another freekick for Iran. The header misses wide.

  8. 19:00 Enayati is the lone striker for Iran and he is very active. Although it is hard for him to go against two defenders each time.

  9. 21:00 Corner for Mexico

  10. 21:30 and another poor clearance from Iran resulting in a dangerous shot by Mexico which missed not by much

  11. 26:40 GOAL for Mexico! Lozano scores off a freekick.

  12. 28:00 Enayati missed a golden chance on a breakaway. His shot missed wide right.

  13. 30:00 Iran looks confused. There is no apparent plan to their game.

  14. 32:30 corner by Iran taken by Mobali. Nicely taken, but it is headed out of the box.

  15. 34:00 Mexico attacking again. Shot goes harmless wide.

    Iranian players warming up on the sideline.

  16. 35:00 Kazemian yellow carded for a foul. The ensuing freekick floats into Iran box and Rahmati is fouled as he goes up for it.

  17. 37:00 The game is getting abit physical. SOme pushing and shoving. Nekounam is saying something to the Mexican players, in Spanish I assume :)

  18. 38:20 Two subs for Iran. I saw Enayati come out.

  19. 39:00 Another yellow card for Iran. This one for Mobali.

  20. 44:40 Mexico attacking from the right. The ball hits the post and is cleared by Iran defense.

  21. 46:00 Mexico on a 2 on 4 breakaway and they almost score a third.

  22. HALF: Mexico 2-0 Iran

    Iran’s defense looks terrible.Midfield of Zandi, Nekounam, Mobali, and (can’t remember the name!), looks very ineffective. Enayati had some good touches but was replaced on minute 40! Very strange for a friendly because they usually keep the first team on for at least 45 minutes.

  23. 2nd HALF: I think I see Arash Borhani on the field. 2nd half begins.

  24. 1:00 kazemian is still onthe foeld with a yellow card. He better be carefull with reckless challenges or he’ll be ejected.

  25. 2:30 Free kick for Mexico from 40 meters out. Played softly towards the box but cleared by Iran.

  26. 3:35 A harmless looking cross from the left side hits Mexico’s cross bar and bounces out.

  27. 5:45 Another good run into the box by Mexico and they gain a corner.

  28. 6:30 The corner is harmlessly cleared out by Iran.

  29. 8:00 WOW! Very nice shot by Nekounam from 35 meters out narrowly missed wide.

  30. 9:00 Guys, this is a boring game! Nice pass to Kazemian who runs into the box but his shot missed high.

  31. 10:00 Kazemian is injured. Looks like a cramp. Mexican defender was helping him stretch it. Kazemian is on the side line. I think he is done for the day.

  32. 12:00 The Mexican Wave is going around the stadium.

  33. 14:00 Is anyone else watching this? :) Are you falling sleep yet?! :)

  34. 14:00 Promising move for Iran starts in the midfield but the ball is lost near Mexico box.

  35. 15:00 Cross from Mexico comfortably caught by Rahmati

  36. 16:30 Neri misses narrowly for Mexico. We got luck here.

  37. 18:00 Another injured Iranian. It is Rajabzadeh who Jogs out on his own.

  38. 20:00 Iran gets tyhe ball in the midfield and loses it because of another aimless long pass into the box.

  39. 21:00 Fonseca comes in for Lozano

  40. 22:00 Nice pass to kazemian on the left whose attempted cross hits the defender and gets Iran the corner.

    The corner is headed outby Mexico.

  41. 24:00 Nekounam gets a stupid yellow card for arguing witht he referee :(

  42. 25:30 Corner for Mexico.

  43. 25:40 The header off the corner missed high. Another corner for mexico this time from the left side.

  44. 26:00 Corner headed out by Mexico.

  45. 29:00 Freekick for Iran, after some pushing and shoving, and a yellow card for Mexico’s Castillo the shot hits the wall and harmlessly bounces out.

  46. 33:30 Iran looks dejected. A shot by Mexico is caught by Rahmati.

  47. 35:00 The only improvement I see in TM is that Rahmati’s goal kicks go a lot further than Mirzapour’s

  48. 35:30 GOAL for Mexico! An attack from Iran’s right leaves the defender behind and the ensuing cross is headed in from the far post.

  49. 38:00 I hope Mr. Ghalehnoei is learning something from this, because I see nothing remotely promising here.

  50. 39:30 GOAL #4 for Mexico! Oh man! Long shot from Torrado hits the net after bouncing off the crossbar.

  51. 42:00 Kazemian red carded for a STUPID tackle from behind.

  52. 43:00 Disgracefull football and sportsmanship display from Iran.

  53. 45:00 Thankfully the ref blows the whistle at the top of 45. No extratime or anything despite some stoppage time.

  54. FINAL Mexico 4 – 0 Iran

    Iran looked awefull, just awefull. Time to bring Branko back!! :P

    I wish I could tell you somthing positive, but there was nothing positive about Iran’s display. Sorry!

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