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Ando poised to make his next move

Published on May 6, 2008 by in Afshin Afshar, Iran

Afshin Afshar, lastkick.com

Anderank Teimourian

Team Melli and Bolton Wanderers midfielder Anderanik Teimourian told Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) that he will make a decision on his future at the end of the English Premier League season.

The midfielder who was recruited by Bolton under former manager Sam Allardyce took part in 22 games on his first year. However, he saw his playing time greatly reduced after the new manager Gary Megson took charge.

Teimourian attributes his lack of playing time to the breakdown of his contract negotiations with the club earlier this year. The two parties failed to reach an agreement on salary.

“I know the problem is not related to my fitness or ability to execute on the field. I am in the best shape of my life and I am more comfortable communicating with my coaches and teammates”, says Teimourian. “I have spoken with coach Magson twice. He told me that considering the team’s current struggle to stay on the top league, he prefers to use players that he knows best.”

Ando, as he is known to Team Melli fans, claims that his two years at Bolton have provided him with wonderful memories and invaluable professional experience that will stay with him for a long time. He does not regret having made the move two years ago. He considers Premier League to be the best league in the world, and prefers to continue his career in England.

“I have been approach by two English Premier League, one German Bundesliga, and one Spanish La Liga clubs, but will not make a decision until all the European leagues are finished.”

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  2. Behrad

    I have read on several occasions that he wants to continue playing in the premier league, so he is not inclined to consider offers from Germany or Spain. Perhaps he should also consider the fact that he has not been playing much, and as we have often seen, those who warm the bench tend to see a decline in form. Look at what happened to Kaabi after a playless season in England.

  3. Yes, bench warming sucks! I think being on the B team you get more playing time (once a week in the regional leagues) than being on the A team and and sitting on the bench!

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