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Ali Daei takes on UAE reporter, and the interpreter

Published on June 9, 2008 by in Afshin Afshar, Iran

Afshin Afshar, lastkick.com

Team Melli fans, this is a gem of clip from Ali Daei!

The interview takes place right after Team Melli’s 1:0 defeat of UAE. The UAE reporter is trying to squeeze Daei into a reaction, but he does not bite. At some point even the translator who is also from UAE gets involved, but Daei does not budge.

What impressed me most about Daei here was the fact that he seems to understand Arabic real well. At some point after he realizes that the interpreter is misinterpreting him, he stops listening to him and answers the reporter’s questions directly.

Look for the part when he says, “We made a gift of a point to you in Iran!”. The interpreter can not take it anymore and asks, “Why didn’t the referee call the penalty for us?”

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2 Responses

  1. kia

    Again, it’s very funny that the interpreter was doing more than just translating; he was actually arguing with Daei on his own behalf and inserting his own take into the Daei’s responses…

  2. Ehsan

    The interpreter looked like one of those kids who always get beaten up at school because they are too shifty and nasty!

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